Upon decorating this Christmas tree I added a twist of the unpredictable, deviating from the traditional red and green colors to celebrate the Holiday.  This tree’s playful, fanciful use of yellow jars the imagination symbolizing optimism, energy, happiness and creativity.

The bright feathers of an unexpected yellow boa woven throughout the branches makes my heart giggle and seems to proclaim here comes the sun.  A flamboyant, amusing tree topper spirals and twists spontaneously over spilling down from the top. Beaded yellow hummingbirds and jeweled lime green butterflies seem to take flight dancing together to this tree’s lively theme: celebrate you!

Let the the novelty of this tree and artful arrangement inspire you to step outside the box and explore your own imagination for a tree in your home. I would love to explore together unique and original ideas and color combinations to create for you a seasonal sensation sure to make you smile.