The best part of this story is yet to come.

As the details were put into place, my husband called to inform me of the closing date.

He said, “It’s all set!  The closing date is January 23rd.”

That’s when I started to cry.  Only the Lord knows this…but every January 23rd, I sing

“Happy Birthday to me…with praise and Thanksgiving to my Redeemer!”

20 some years ago, I was in an automobile accident where upon another driver hit me head on.

As a result, I suffered a hangman’s fracture in my neck.  If my neck had broken one quarter of an inch higher, I would have been paralyzed and on a respirator for the rest of my life-one quarter of an inch lower, and I would have been killed instantly.

It is a miracle that I am alive. Oddly, there was a nurse following behind my vehicle that snowy day on the way to work. And when she came to me minutes before I passed out, I told her I could not move my head. A highway patrolman was also behind me and had a neck brace in his car. January 23rd the biggest miracle in my life occurred and now on that day- yet another miracle occurred. That was the day God was about to give to me the desires of my heart.

I cannot say why I would be a recipient of such amazing love…I can only say that the biggest miracle that I received was not about the house at all.  Although the gift of the Christmas house will always be cherished.  January 23rd…will always be a reminder of the day God gave me Himself: A Father.  A Father who knows absolutely everything about me before I even speak. A heart for me that cares about all the details of my life. And now, wherever I go, whatever I do, I know one thing:  My Father hears. My Father sees. My Father knows.  My Father speaks.

“What’s in your alabaster bottle?” Give God the desires of your heart.

 May you too welcome the Lord into your heart and your home.

Welcome to my humble abode. See how the nooks and crannies are filled with Xmas pictures and pillows and of course trees!  Merry Christmas to all.  Let me help you capture the magic of the season where you reside. Who knows? Once you get started, you too might have a tree in every room!