This was a moment to remember. My dreams were now safely tucked into Gods hands. And that Saturday was the day my life began to radically change.

I took a big gulp of my pop.  I had to be getting back.  But just then, the strangest thing happened.  I had the clearest thought.  Out of nowhere, it intercepted all others- six words really:  “Take a drive around the township.”

At this point I was stunned.  I took another sip of pop.  It seemed to come in command form.  I sat there reasoning with myself…wondering why I would think such a stupid thing.  Then it came again-same words, same thought: “Take a drive around the Township.”

At this point I began to talk back to God…

“Look, God, I think I’m cracking up…because I think You are talking to me…and it’s not like I’m Moses or anything…truth is, I should’ve stayed on Paxil…if this is you God…I’m gonna need a burning bush.  I have got to get home to my kids…cuz my husband is gonna kill me…I’ve already been here awhile and…

Take a drive around the Township!”

(Son of a gun, it came again…only this time stronger still.)

At this point I was crabby.   I could only assume that I was nuts…and I couldn’t believe that I was about to drive into the township-completely unaware of where I was supposed to go.  But just in case it was God…I figured I‘d better go (especially since it came on the heels of my purging and all…but still- I really did think I was nuts…

So I told God….I’m sorry, but I think I’m cracking up.  I actually think your talking to me…and you know what…that makes me nuts?  I’m not anybody.   I’m not Moses, and I am crazy.   So Lord, I’m just going to bee-line back where I came from…and just between you and me, I’m never going to tell anyone as long as I live about this story!  I’m going home.

So as I approached the quickest route home…there it was: one tiny sign.  It was the shape of an arrow, small and indiscrete.  I almost missed it…but it said, home for sale.  I slowed down.  I thought long and hard…

What if….what if it was God?

Just in case, I turned…and as drove up to the house for sale.  I noticed several things about it.  It had:

A front porch

A large yard with mature trees

No house next to it

A two car Garage

Aluminum siding

A park next to it

Access to a private beach

A newer roof

I stopped the van.   I walked up to the house feeling a bit shaky.  What a strange coincidence I thought.  I asked the women who answered the door for a sheet of any sort.  She invited me inside as she went to get one.

There I was, standing in a porch…just big enough for my porch furniture.  She said follow me…and I stepped into a living room with all white walls and hardwood floors.  She noted the new Anderson windows, as we passed into the dining room, also

with hardwood floors and white walls.

“Come into the kitchen,” she said.

As I stepped into the kitchen, I gasped.  It was the largest eat in kitchen I had ever been in, in an old home-with hardwood floors.  I could not speak as she handed me the sheet.  I noticed the deck off the kitchen, and as she handed me the sheet, I could see this home was a lateral move-easily affordable to us.  She then added, “Would you like to see our mud room?

Mud room?  My spirit was still. As she opened the door to the two-car garage, my mind was racing.  Would you like to see our family room in the basement?  We just finished it.

I walked down the stairs into a basement with screens on the windows to let fresh air in, and door to walkout onto a patio…brightly lit…past an office and a ceramic tile laundry room.

Upstairs there were 3 bedrooms…and a surprise claw foot tub in the bathroom. (My favorite.)  Needless to say…every item that I had given God was in this house, in this yard and in this neighborhood.

I drove home as fast as I could, and as my feet hit the pavement, I ran all the way up my driveway.  When my husband saw my face, he turned to the carpenter and said:  “Look at her…she found a house…”

I hurled the sheet at him, but before I could explain he said: “Tammy, we are never, ever moving.  Remember?  You love this neighborhood, this location…and we are building the forever deck…”

My mind was racing as I walked into the house to explain to my two faithful friends what happened.  What did happen?  How did that happen?  How could that even happen?  Why did that happen to me?

As the story unfolded, one of them laughed out loud and said…I’ll just pray that God changes the desire of Marks heart.  And then I laughed.  It was a good story-but that would not happen.  Mark hated change.  He had the same ingredients in his lunch since he was a child…a sandwich, apple, chips and 3 cookies…this man would never move.

I had no clue how to overcome that obstacle. It would take a miracle. Did you know God is in the business of miracles? He can move mountains. But would He move this one I wondered? I was full of doubt. Have you ever doubted that God was big enough to change a human heart?

To be continued…