Surprise! Welcome to the season with an artful array of peacocks clipped atop the branches beside a nearly monochromatic display of turquoise ornaments accented by a touch of gold throughout this ingenious Christmas tree.

I adore peacocks and chose to use them generously because it is said they are the possessors of the most admired human characteristics and it is believed they are a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we show our own true colors. How fun it was to create a masterpiece using this inspirational motif while capturing the myth of the symbolism of nobility the peacock is felt to reflect.  Watch as your eyes are captivated by this friendly, happy color that legend has it represents healing.

Let this tree refresh you as you spy golden butterflies and the words dream and believe sprinkled tether and yon. You too can have a tree in your home with a calm yet free spirit of serenity like this one.  Let me create for you a tree sure to bless your surroundings with my intuition and tranquility of heart to awaken the hope within you. Enjoy!