This sensational tree captures the magic of Christmas with a compelling combination of copper and purple ornaments. I fell in love with the idea of bringing nature indoors with a medley of birds, peacocks and butterflies. However, my favorite ornament sprinkled throughout this tree is the sequined purple hummingbird that delights its branches.

Nature represents many things to many people. I am fond of the hummingbird because to me it represents the small things in life and their meanings. A hummingbird in flight reminds me to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  It is said because they can fly long distances to reach their destinations they are often associated with endurance and perseverance.

For a touch of wonder if you look closely you will find many other fine feathered friends strategically placed beside a multitude of dazzling beaded chandeliers. Delight in this tree as you take in a vast explosion of shimmering copper offering many touches of the unexpected.  You too can have in a tree in your home with a favorite theme or object from nature to add the spirit of mystery and devotion to brighten your holiday. Let me help you create a tree such as this one, that speaks to your own heart.