Let this novel, imaginative Christmas tree delight you as the charisma of hot pink color inspires happiness and a love of life. I love this tree because it communicates playfulness, passion and energy. I chose the color pink because it is said in accordance with color psychology that it inspires hope and a warm and comforting experience that all will be well.

The opulent ornaments on this tree make this tree a favorite of mine filled with creativity, whimsy and wonder. There are pink and black lepord balls placed adjacent to egg shaped magenta and flowery bulbs sandwiched between many beaded ornaments. This tree is a bold extravaganza sure to tickle your senses with delight.  Again, I explored the concept of adventure bringing the vivacity of nature to life.

Festive hummingbirds, joyous butterflies and charming peacocks make this tree a favorite artistic expression of mine. Let me create a tree that conjures up as this one does the sweetness and innocence of the child within you for your home. With my guidance, you too can choose a favorite color to build a theme around sure to inspire the high spirited festivity of the season! Happy holidays!