As you gaze upon this slender Christmas tree you can’t help but notice the variety of red glittery words that rest upon its white branches. I love this tree because it is as if the childlike giddiness that once awakened us on Christmas morning is captured in the glee of a first glance.

Huge bright red and cherry ornaments adorn its branches as small jovial words appear throughout; Merry, Cheer, Joy. And right there in the midst of them is one large shimmering word: WISH! Oh, the joy of opening presents under the tree on Christmas morning as our secret wishes became the gifts we welcomed and adored.

You too can have a tree that captures the fascination of the heart of a child. Let me help you discover a way to embrace the hopes and expectations of childhood. Perhaps there is a favorite word that kindles a fire within your spirit and creates for you the magic of the season. I welcome the opportunity to create a Christmas tree with you that beckons the heart of a child to be rekindled in us all.